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February 2, 2014

Extra weight?

We've been seeing some folks add a weight vest to their wods. While this is great in some instances, there are many movements where a vest can actually be detrimental.NO vest:Box Jumps *with rebound - Places an overload on your gastrocnemius/achilles and greatly increases your chance of a rupture. Now, if you jump up and step down, fill your boots. But rebounding with extra load is an injury waiting to happen.Double Unders - See above. And double unders are a skill. If you have a hard time stringing them together, adding load will not help your cause.Running - This one seems odd. There are lots of weighted running wods, but most are very short distances (except Murph). Gravity pulls a vest in only one direction - down. But when you run, you are moving horizontally. A better option for resistance when running would be a speed chute, which provides horizontal resistance.Many barbell movements - If the vest impedes the bar path, then you're re-wiring that movement. For a clean, we want the bar close to your body. A vest will force you to swing the bar. Not something we want to happen for any lift.YES vest:Pullups/Ring Rows - Gravity pulls you down, your body pulls you up. Excellent weighted movement!Pushups/Dips/Burpees - Same as above. For pushups, add 25# plates under your hands to ensure you still travel the full range of motion.Squats/Lunges - Added weight will give you some extra burn.Advanced movements - Muscle-ups, rope climbs, L-sits. The extra load will make the unweighted versions feel like a breeze.Strength - Bear Complex for max loadAMRAP in 20 min4 C2B Pullups2 Bear Complexes (choose own weight based on strength)10 Box Jumps (24/20")[caption id="attachment_13540" align="alignnone" width="630"]

Gabriel mentally preparing before the WOD

Gabriel mentally preparing before the WOD[/caption]

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