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CrossFit Moncton


February 3, 2021

4 cycle AMRAP

Here's what's on tap!Starting with Good Mornings. The 2121 is the tempo. 2 seconds down, hold for 1, 2 seconds up, hold for 1. Do that 10 reps. Keep the back night and flat. If you have weight, use it. If not, cross the arms over the chest.We have a 3 minute AMRAP that you'll be doing 4 times. Burpees/down-ups are small reps, so those should be quick and steady.KB/DB swings - unbroken! If you have a barbell, feel free to do Hang Power Cleans with a weight you can do unbroken also.Skipping - As unbroken as possible. If you're getting tripped up too much, drop a level. If you don't have a rope, do penguin jumps (jumping hip taps).Rest 1 minute between rounds and try to get the same amount of reps each AMRAP. Enjoy!

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