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CrossFit Moncton


July 5, 2016

8 years today

So today is 8 years - to the day - when we held our first ever CrossFit Moncton workout. For those that weren't around, it was held at the playground at Queen Elizabeth school.Fast forward 8 years, and we're on our third building, growing from 6 members to 200+ members. I started the business to show others how awesome CrossFit was. I knew it would get people in shape and help them lose fat.What I didn't realize was the impact it would have on people. Giving people more confidence. Helping people with depression. Getting people off medications. Rehabilitating old injuries. Keeping people out of the nursing home. I never dreamed that any of that was possible.And I didn't do it alone. I've had SO much help along the way. My wife and family for always supporting me. Trainers for giving their 100% to our members. Friends that have helped build things for the gym, helped with events, cheered for others. I appreciate you all so much. Thank YOU.Some fun thingsAgility Drills6x200m SprintsCompare to June 17/13The very first WOD from CrossFit Moncton

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