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August 24, 2015

A short story

I posted this on my FaceBook yesterday. For those not on it, here's what it said:We were on our way to Costco this afternoon. The parking lot was so busy we decided to park at Kent. I noticed across the street that there was a small child trying to cross the road. One car stopped, but another car almost hit him from the other side.I get out of the car and watched him wander through the Kent parking lot aimlessly looking for something. I approached him and asked him if he was lost. He said his dad 'just disappeared'. After talking to him for a bit and introducing him to Holly, we walked over the Costco where he last saw his dad. I gave him over to the supervisors and went back out searching for his dad in the parking lot.

Luckily, when I came back inside he had already been picked up by his dad.Today is a day that I will not forget. Having a daughter now makes these types of situations even more scary. And the scariest part of all - not one other person in the entire parking lot questioned why a small child was wandering around by himself. I'm very happy he was reunited with his family and hope that if anything ever happened to Holly, that someone would do the same. Please, if you see something sketchy, don't turn a blind eye. Act on it. It might make a difference.

EMOM for 10 min2 Clean and Jerks (65-75%)

Weighted Step-ups (20/18")3 reps per legSo much support going on in this picture. I love it!

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