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CrossFit Moncton


February 4, 2019

All the things...

-Get your ballots in for Rep-uary. Winner will be announced on Thursday.-Bring a Friend Day is this Wednesday. It's going to be awesome!!-Feb.18 - we will be closed for Family Day.-Feb.23 - there's a few more spots available for the First-Aid course we're hosting.Back Squat x360-70-80-85-90+*max is 6Double-under for 2 minutesSit-up for 2 minutesDouble-under for 90 secondsSit-up for 90 secondsDouble-under for 1-minuteSit-up for 1-minuteDouble-under for 30 secondsSit-up for 30 seconds*Don't have doubles? Go for DU attempts. Singles won't count towards your score, but DU attempts will.Compare to May 26/15Sarah[/caption]

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