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November 4, 2013

And the winner's are....

After much deliberation, the judges have come to a decision on the winners of this year's Paleo Challenge. There were some pretty amazing success stories - people losing crazy amounts of body fat, increased energy and allergies disappearing. And the benchmarks were unreal!For the men, we have Jeff Leger. He was extremely strict throughout the challenge and his benchmarks were impressive.And for the ladies, we have Hailey Berry, who didn't cheat at all during the challenge. She also added an additional 38 reps to her first benchmark workout. Incredible!To everyone that participated - you're all winners. It sounds cliche, but you really are. Every single person improved on their benchmarks and saw tremendous benefits. It is our hope that you continue with the healthy changes you have made and continue to reap the benefits.Bench Press5x3Weighted Pullups5x3[caption id="attachment_12329" align="alignnone" width="300"]

Ya...we do

Ya...we do[/caption]

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