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CrossFit Moncton


June 27, 2020

API Test

You’ll perform one of the following Aerobic Power Interval tests with the required standards:3 rounds of:1 min Wall Balls (14/10# @ 10/9′)1 min Russian KBS (35/20#)1 min Box Steps (20/16″)1 min DB Push Press (25/15#)1 min Down Ups1 min Rest3 rounds of:1 min Wall Balls (20/14# @ 10/9′)1 min Hang Power Clean (75/55#)1 min Box JUMPS (24/20″ with step down)1 min Push Press (75/55#)1 min Burpees1 min Rest“But what if I can’t even do all the movements in the first one?”-Just like always, we’ll scale movements accordingly. Worry pas. You will still be given credit for the Level Method for ALL the movements you can do to the standard.So many certificates being earned this week!

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