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September 25, 2014


"If I don't have bands, how will I do pull-ups?"Excellent question! Let's start with what bands actually do. For most people, the hardest part of the pull-up is the first part (getting it started). Once people get over that sticky point, the rest of the pull-up becomes easier. With the band, the hardest part of the pull-up is eliminated. When your arms are locked out, the band is at it's fullest length, providing the most assistance. And in a workout, many people have figured out it's easier to bounce out of the bottom.What if you were doing a squat and you had someone help you out of the bottom? Or the first part of a deadlift? Would you feel like you accomplished the rep if you had someone lifting the bar for you? I'm guessing not.So how can you get stronger at pull-ups? In your warm-ups, try no more than 10 negatives (jump up to the top, and slowly lower yourself down). Try jumping pull-ups (lock out arms at the bottom and use your legs only as much as needed). Get your ring rows as horizontal as possible (when you can do 10 in a row with body parallel to the floor, you're ready for a pull-up).Once you get strict pull-ups, then we can talk about kipping. I'll save that for another post.As always, if you have any questions about your progress, please talk to a trainer. We're more than happy to help.Hang Cleans70x375x280x185x190x15 rounds at each station40 seconds on/20 seconds off:Russian KBS (70/50#)Thrusters (135/95#/70% PP)Rowing (cal)Score is total reps[caption id="attachment_16175" align="alignnone" width="630"]

Lora makes it to the Easy Button!

Lora makes it to the Easy Button![/caption]

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