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December 3, 2015

Beware of snake oil

Originally posted on our FB page yesterday. Check out the picture below! I've been plagued with tight hamstrings for as long as I can remember. The top picture really shows it. After a few minutes of this new mobility trick I learned on the internet, I increased my range of motion tremendously! I can't wait to share it with all of you.Actually, none of that is true (other than me having tight hamstrings). Take a closer look at the bottom picture. My right leg is bent (giving me more range) and my left hip/knee are also bent, adding the illusion of extra mobility. I didn't change anything other than my body position. Why should you know this? Because there are "professionals" out there that claim they have the key to your issue. But they fail to use the same measurement tools during the before and after. Just because some pretty girl with a sexy voice and cool internet marketing skills says it's good for you, don't automatically take her word for it. Front Squat - 2RMDeath by 10m (Farmer-style)70/50# each handFor the first minute, go 10m. In the next minute, go 20m. Then 30m. And so on. Go until you are no longer able to travel the set distance in the given minute. And please don’t drop the kettle bells. They can do some damage to your little piggies.Compare to Dec.3/14

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