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November 20, 2012

Blizzard Beatdown

CrossFit Dieppe has a competition coming up, the Blizzard Beatdown (Jan.26-27). If you haven't signed up already, here's my list of reasons why you should:1) There's different categories - Rx'd, Scaled, Masters, Kids.2) Events are posted - You KNOW what the workouts are. This will give you some movements to focus on and get better.3) You get to participate and cheer on your fellow CrossFitters.4) It's LOCAL! There's no hotel to rent or gas money to spend. When local events come up, take advantage of it.Register here!AMRAP in 152 Muscle-ups4 Front Squats (155/105#)8 BurpeesGillyon and Heather getting set for a jerk

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