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CrossFit Moncton


January 6, 2010


***Kevin, Pierre, Sonia and Gillyon will be participating in a corporate relay race this Saturday at 1:30pm at U de M (CEPS). If we win, half of the money raised will go to a charity of our choice. There's a registration fee of $100, so any donations to support us would be greatly appreciated.Have you ever had a job/task that seemed so big, even impossible, that you wanted to quit? Or not even start it? When I saw my driveway the other day, filled with heavy, wet snow, I wanted to cry. But I didn't. Armed with a plastic shovel, I saw it as a challenge. Something to chip away until the task was done.That's what Karen is. 150 wall balls. The number is big. And the exercise is torturous. Just like shoveling my driveway. Or piling wood. Digging a trench. Running a marathon.Chris Gardner, in an interview, said "Baby steps count too. As long as you're moving forward". Take on Karen one wall ball at a time. As long as you're moving, you'll progressing. You'll eventually get the job done. And when you do, you'll experience a great feeling of accomplishment!"Karen"150 Wall balls[caption id="attachment_2475" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="When Heidi and Steph do pushups, they don't push themselves up. They push the world down!"]


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