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January 23, 2013


We have 45 people participating in our Paleo Challenge. That's a gym PR! I've heard that 'others' consider this challenge too strict. They feel that it's impossible to get a perfect score or to succeed. That is why it's called a challenge. To push yourself. To see what you are capable of.Isn't that what we do in CrossFit every day? As a coach, I expect perfection. I want you to squat with your knees open, weight on the heels, chest up...perfect...every single time. If I let you slack, where's the challenge? Where's the improvement? You'll never hear me say, "Oh, that wasn't quite low enough, but it still counts". I want YOUR very best and don't expect anything less.During the last food challenge, we had 5 people go from start to end without cheating ONCE. They showed me that it wasn't challenging enough. That I needed to be more strict in what I expected. So, this challenge has a few more rigid guidelines. Why? To make you better. To show you that you ARE capable. To get the very best out of you. If I expect any less, I'm not worthy of being your coach.To the Challengers, keep forging on. If you mess up on a day, brush it off and get right back on track. You're doing amazing."You can't half-step at anything. You have to give it your all. You don't know who you're setting the example for at that particular time or moment" - Skip Chase3 rounds7 Ring Rows14 Burpees21 Double Unders[caption id="attachment_8859" align="alignnone" width="199"]

Heather puts some big weight overhead

Heather puts some big weight overhead[/caption]

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