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February 17, 2015


Our 18 week Lifestyle Challenge has come to an end. It spanned over 5 holidays (and a few birthdays), making this one of the toughest challenges we've ever put on. But that's life. Life is filled with obstacles and things that try to knock you down. And it's ok to fall, as long as you get back up. It is my hope that our challengers continue implementing these dietary changes. The challenge may be over, but the hard work will go on. In 18 weeks, we've seen some amazing transformations. I'm sure we could build another person with all the body fat that was lost. If you want to see the same results but don't know where to start, talk to any trainer. We can come up with a plan to help you reach your goals. Back Squats65x5; 70x3; 75x3; 80x1; 85x1; 90x15 rounds for max reps30 sec HSPU30 sec Hang Power Clean (155/110#/70%)Rest 1 minCompare to Apr.4/13[caption id="attachment_49009" align="alignnone" width="630"]

So this happened yesterday!

So this happened yesterday![/caption]

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