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CrossFit Moncton


September 25, 2016

Congrats to our lifters!

HPC x5Build up to WOD weight10 HPC (155/105 or 70%)2 X 10 m sprint8 HPC4 X 10 m sprint6 HPC6 X 10 m sprint4 HPC8 X 10 m sprint2 HPC10 X 10 m sprintCompare to Nov.26/15We had 3 kid lifters who went 6 for 6 on all their lifts. Coach Blake has a great crew and led them through a successful meet. We heard the other lifters mention how impressed they were with our kids. And we couldn't agree more!And our 3 ladies! Holy cow! With Dominique crushing her fears and competing in her first meet and earning a bronze. Melanie jumping into her second meet and hitting some impressive numbers, earning a silver. And rockstar Cara, nailing a HUGE meet PR and solidifying a gold. I am so proud of these ladies. Such an inspiration to many!

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