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February 1, 2021

Deadlift day!

We're going to start posting an optional strength component. Feel free to add this to your routine.Because of the gear rental, we will also include weighted options in the workouts. There will still be bodyweight options available, so read the descriptions carefully.Today we have deadlifts. Keep the back flat and shoulders back. If your weight feels light, SLOW it down.For the workout, break it up any way you want. Or if you're insane, you can try it in order.Front step lunges are single count. I wouldn't recommended adding weight, but you can.Bent over rows - keep that back flat!! Take a good morning position, and pull the weight up to mid-body.If you don't have weight, do the same reps with shoulder taps (2-count).Russian Twists - a 2-count exercise. Just go!! If you don't have weight, go SLOW.Bent Over Row options:

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