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June 25, 2010

"Death by what?!"

Last day of not posting the workout. Yay!I'd like to address two things as well.If you're late for a class, it's going to be 2 burpees for every minute you're late. Must be done on the spot (no banking). That starts today.Also, there are some members (who will remain anonymous), that cancel up to 2 minutes before the class starts. If you canceled then, you should have either been on your way to the gym or already at the gym. Canceling so soon to class not only hinders your own fitness and progress, but it may hinder someone else's.Some stats from the past 2 months...147 cancellations (by 44 people)70 of the classes were full when cancelled3.6 hours is average time given when cancelled18 no-shows13 members cancelled or no-showed 5 or more timesYa, it's a little nerdy, I know.But 3.6 hours is not fair to others. I know I wouldn't want to sit at a computer in hopes of someone canceling to get a spot right before class. I completely understand if something comes up, like being stuck in a meeting or experiencing explosive diarrhea moments before gym time.I have no simple solution other than to ask you to please give sufficient notice. If you're feeling a little sick the night before, unregister. If you feel better the next day, see if there's a spot. If you're muscles are sore, that's no excuse to cancel. If you're shoulder/knee/elbow/ankle/etc. is hurt, we will modify the WOD.I hope this helps. If any of you have any suggestions or comments, let me know either in the comments or by email/phone."Under the watchful eye of Patrick. "

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