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November 16, 2015

Early knees

When it comes to rowing, efficiency is the key to a great time (on the monitor that is, not personal enjoyment). In my time as a coach, the number one fault I see on the rower most often is bending the knees to soon on the return. You've heard us tell you how to row "Legs-Hips-Arms" for the pull and "Arms-Hips-Legs" for the recovery. It's the recovery where our brains turn off.If you're out of order, you'll end up lifting the handle over your knees resulting in an inefficient stroke. Remember, straight lines are faster and more efficient.For today's 1km row, focus on a smooth recovery by straightening your arms, leaning forward, THEN bending your knees. And watch the meters fly by on your rower!Hang Clean - 3RMRow 1000mCompare to Nov.23/14

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