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January 7, 2013

Elite Fitness in 100 Words

Have you ever seen the passage in the picture below? In 100 words, it describes how to achieve elite fitness. Many of you are doing a great job at it. Eating a Paleo diet, lifting weights, practicing gymnastics. We keep workouts short and intense, and constantly varied. But check out that last sentence...

Regularly learn and play new sports

You have probably seen the unicycle I got for a gift. I've only had it a couple of weeks, but I'm starting to get the hang of it. It's completely new to me. It's forcing me to work on my balance and coordination (two of the 10 components of fitness). CrossFit has definitely helped me acquire these skills more quickly. And unicycling will definitely help me in CrossFit.We have other great examples in the gym - Marie-Noelle (football), Valerie (frisbee), Darrell (dirt bike), Rob (hockey) and so many others.That line, learning and playing new sports, is so important. It lets you express your gains in fitness in real life. Matt Chan (2nd place finisher at the CF Games) tell us in THIS VIDEO how he balances CrossFit with life and new activities. He is my inspiration.What new sport will you be trying this year?Member Challenge - Max L-sitSkill of the Week - Medicine Ball Cleans4 rounds25 BurpeesRest 1 minuteCompare to Aug.27/12.

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