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July 7, 2010

Everybody! Jump! Jump!

You - "What weight should I use?"Me - "Let's see what you used last time. Oh, it's not in your journal. Hmm."Have we had this conversation before? If so, you need to start keeping detailed (and mandatory) records in your journal.Here's a sampleWrite down the warm-up (any subs), the strength lift and reps and sets, the workout with weights/bands/subs, your results, and how it felt.You can even write what time of day you did the workout, how much sleep you had, your nutrition. The more detail you write, the better chance you have of producing better results. If you know the conditions it takes to hit PR's, then it's motivating to continue with those conditions (ie. 9 hours of sleep, etc.).AMRAP in 10min of:10m Broad Jumps10 Jump Squats10 Jumping Lunges10 Box Jumps[caption id="attachment_3302" align="alignleft" width="199" caption="Remember to introduce yourself to the new folks at the gym, like MJ here! There are a lot of newbies, so welcome them to the family. "]


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