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February 26, 2009

February 26 workout

Walking lunge 100 ft.21 Pull-ups21 Sit-upsWalking lunge 100 ft.18 Pull-ups18 Sit-upsWalking lunge 100 ft.15 Pull-ups15 Sit-upsWalking lunge 100 ft.12 Pull-ups12 Sit-upsWalking lunge 100 ft.9 Pull-ups9 Sit-upsWalking Lunge 100 ft.6 Pull-ups6 Sit-ups

"Mom thought it was too warm in the gym to do her squats..." "Mom thought it was too warm in the gym to do her squats... Jeanette has graciously offered to take 5 members per night during March break each night from 5:30-6:30pm. If you're interested, please register as if you normally would.Rebecca Bilodeau, the Holistic Dietitian, has a new tool to measure your body fat % and lean body mass %. This is a more accurate way to measure your progress than stepping on a scale. Check your progress" if you would like to try it or if yo want more information.

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