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October 14, 2018

Feeling stuck?

Do you feel stuck? Not sure what’s next? Maybe you’re going through some existential crisis?Most people wait for inspiration or motivation before they do something. They think this is the order to getting shit done:Emotional Inspiration -> Motivation -> ActionBut it’s actually a continuous loop, and it really doesn’t matter where you start in the loop. Let’s see what it looks like if you start with Action:Action -> Emotional Inspiration -> Motivation -> Action -> Emotional Inspiration -> Motivation….etc.It’s as simple as deciding to act. And it doesn’t really matter what it is. When I get in a funk with programming workouts for the gym, I just start writing movements. And then reps. And eventually, awesome workouts start flowing out of me.If you’re stuck with your eating habits, waiting for motivation may set you further back (because who knows when it will come). What you can do is decide to act. Do something. Go wash a carrot and eat it. Then you’ll think “I’m healthy as fuck right now” and maybe eat another. And then think “I bet a steak would taste great with these carrots”. And you’ll need to wash it down with some high quality H2O. And before you know it, you’re planning out your meals for the rest of the week. All because you decided to eat a carrot.Do something. Decide to take ANY action right now.

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