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CrossFit Moncton


June 8, 2020

First Monday back

Hey CFM, now more than ever we NEED you to make sure that if you register for a class you make every effort to show up to that class. We have reduced class sizes to keep everyone as safe as possible but this also means we will have members that are not able to get into a class when they want to.Out of respect for your fellow members we ask if you are taking a spot in a class to please make sure you are going to use it because you can be sure that someone else would have taken it. If you are not able to go please cancel as far in advance as possible.We have only been open 3 days and have already had 6 people registered that didn’t show up, which is disappointing when we know there are many who would have scooped up those empty spots. Please keep your fellow CFM peeps in mind when you are registering and if you can’t make it give them the opportunity to take your place.Thanks for being awesome, see you at the gym.

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