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April 18, 2016

First week done

The first week is done for LIE (Lifestyle Improvement Event). Get your sheets filled out and handed in today. A whopping 7 points were up for grabs, so hopefully you got most of them. This week, drink 2+ liters of water to earn your daily point. And the challenge of week 1 still continues. You'll have the possibility of earning 14 points this week. Remember - if your pee is dark yellow, URINE trouble!Back Squats x560-65-70-70-70%1000m Row Buy-inThen, 5 rounds:15 Front Rack Lunges (75/55#)30 Double UndersFun little burner today. Pace the row accordingly - not a PR pace. You should aim to go unbroken for every round. Double unders not your thing? Try 10 doubles and 40 singles. Or if you're super-new, stick with 60 singles. Don't forget to breathe.Smashing

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