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November 24, 2014

For the new folks

"I don't know my 1RM yet"If you've said that before, this post is for you. In fact, I would argue that many people don't need to know it. I'll save this post for just the newbies.It's not that important because you're still learning the movements. Let's take New Nancy as an example. If we tested Nancy's true 1 rep max on the push jerk, and found it to be 100#, what do you think it looked like? If she's new, probably not that great. But if she stayed around 50-70#, and practised the movement for 25 reps (which is 5 sets of 5), she'd get pretty good at it. Then next time, add 10-15#. Even if she only did the Push Jerk once every month, she'd reach her "max" in two months (which is pretty good).And what's the rush? It's much safer to learn the mechanics first, then slowly add weight later. It's a HUGE challenge to find a max using poor form THEN try to backtrack to fix it.Trust me, I've had people join that said they did CrossFit elsewhere, and it's much harder to fix their form than to teach someone that's never done it before. Bad habits are hard to break.Take your time, learn the movements, do them consistently well, then add the weight.Strength - Overhead Squat50x5; 60x3; 65x3; 70x2; 75x2; 80x2"Fiddy"Row 50 calories50 Front Squats (45/35#)50 KBS (53/35#)50 Pushups50 LungesCompare to Apr.19/14.[caption id="attachment_16477" align="alignnone" width="630"]

Kim aka. Mrs. Claus was chillin' in the back

Kim aka. Mrs. Claus was chillin' in the back[/caption]

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