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CrossFit Moncton


November 25, 2010


"Does it count?"You just squatted 200 pounds. It was tough. You look at the coach and ask, "Does it count?"I know what you mean. You want the coach to tell you it was low enough. That is what we call a movement standard. For the squat, it's hip below parallel. For a pushup, it's chest to the floor.But I want to you change your thinking. Instead of asking if it counted, why not ask, "How was my form?" or "Did my knees cave in that time?"When you change your mindset from chasing the numbers on the board to chasing form, everything will fall into line. With great form, you're lifts will improve over the long run. That might mean you have to take a step back and lower the weight. But that one step back will translate into two steps forward down the road.AMRAP in 10min12 Burpees12 Pullups"Look at the curve in the back. Too heavy for the workout? You bet!"

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