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November 15, 2013

Friday's QOD

What was your favourite childhood cartoon?3-position Power Snatch (5X1)1-Hang2-Knee3-One inch off floorOn October 30th the life of Zoe Nudell 33, was taken when a drunk driver struck her while out jogging in Hamilton, ON.Zoe started at CrossFit Kinetics in the Fall of 2011 and she quickly became an integral part of the Box. Zoe is remembered as the type of person who was full of life, energy, kindness and positivity. Any time you walked into CFK you could count on her for a big smile and a genuine hug. Zoe had a free unbiased spirit. She was welcoming to all and never asked for anything in return; a simple smile, impromptu dancing, high five or hug was more than enough.Although she was athletic, not everything came quickly and easily. To those who were new to the gym, they would walk in and see Zoe powering through movements, whether injured or not, she never seemed to give up or get down on herself. For those that were close to Zoe we knew that she struggled, like everyone else, with her WOD times, she hated her front squats and had a healthy fear of heavy snatches. Zoe just knew that she couldn’t let her fears control her and she applied this to life inside and outside of the Box. When she had to do something that scared her she would ask for help, say a joke and then try it. Sometimes she was successful and sometimes she wasn’t but she never stopped trying. Once Zoe mastered a movement she was the first person to pass on her knowledge to anyone that was willing to learn.In her two years at CFK Zoe has built friendships, created memories, motivated others and positively impacted the community with her presence. As time moves forward we hope to take these qualities and incorporate them into our daily life, we could all brighten up someone else's day the way Zoe so effortlessly lit up many.Many gyms around the Maritimes will be participating in this workout today.ZoëAMRAP 3 Mins5 Power Snatches (95/55)5 Overhead Squats (95/55)Dance 1 Min9-7-5Muscle Ups (pullups)21-15-9KB Swings (53/35#)Call time after your last KB swing but please feel free to keep dancing. We encourage you to post your time and any pictures or comments to the CFK facebook page.


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