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July 6, 2012

Friday's QOD

The world is can be an ugly place. It can be filled with negativity. You can have a horrible boss. A frustrating kid at home. Car problems. A tough workout that kicked your butt. Wouldn't it be great to leave it all behind you?At CrossFit Moncton, we want to breed positivity. We want you to feel welcome and safe. To do this, I need your help.When we have new members (and there's been lots of them recently), that hear you say, "That was the hardest workout ever", "Man, that sucked" or "I hated those wall balls, they really kicked my ass", do you think they feel pumped up to do that workout? They're probably scared shitless.I'm guilty of this myself. I need to watch what I say. Yes, there are hard workouts (have you ever had an easy one?). But to describe it as terrible, disgusting and vomit-inducing, doesn't help with breeding positivity.Friday's QOD - What new (positive) ways are you going to describe workouts?I'll start - "Wednesday's workout really helped me tackle my weakness on HSPUs"**Side note - sarcasm is a staple at the gym. That will be sticking around.5 rounds of:200m Run7 Knees to ElbowsCompare to Nov.4/10High fives and fist bumps!

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