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April 18, 2021

Good food, bad food

Traditionally, people put food into two different categories - good and bad. This is both not useful and unhealthy. This generally contributes to all-or-nothing thinking. I have worked with people that eat something they consider 'bad', then get flooded with emotions like guilt and shame. I try to encourage looking at food on a spectrum - from better to worse. Better foods add to your health. You feel good after eating them. They are less processed with few ingredients. They're nourishing. And easy to eat slowly. Worse foods subtract from your health. You might feel bad physically after eating them. They are generally processed with many ingredients, many artificial. They're lack nutritional value. And they are hard to stop eating when full. Try this little exercise. Place the following foods on the spectrum and write in the comments which ones go from best to worst. It will be fun to see the similarities and differences in answers. Basmati riceRaisin BranChickenApple2% MilkMcDonald's French friesHomemade French friesSteakProtein powderCashews

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