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CrossFit Moncton


March 3, 2020

Group 1 testing

Front Squats*reps will be determined by weight115/80# or less – 8 reps165/105# – 5 reps195/130# – 3 repsMore than above – 1 repIf you already tested out for your front squat, you’ll be doing 3 sets of 8 reps at 70% of your max.Upper Body Pull*if test is completed early, perform a 5 minute EMOM with last successful test for 5 repsIf previously tested, you can do one of the following based on your level: 3x5 Strict or weighted pullups,3x5 Negatives,3x Max Chin over bar hold, 3x5 hard ring rows, pause at topLactic Tolerance*we will test your lowest of the two previous tests. If you pass that level, you’ll be able to attempt the next level on the next test day (if you’d like).If previously tested, you will perform the following WOD:6 min AMRAP of10 Burpee over bar or Down up over bar (level),10 Power cleans (95/65# or 65/45#) or Russian KBS (50/35# or 35/20#)Jenn

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