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CrossFit Moncton


July 5, 2011

Has it been 3 years?

Happy Birthday! As of today, CrossFit Moncton has been up and running for 3 years. It started with a handful of members at a school playground...and now we're in a 3000 sq ft facility with well over 80 members.Back then, I had a 3 year business plan. I was going to have 36 members and still be teaching full-time. Goes to show that business plans are full of bologna anyway. I had no idea it would grow this fast.Very grateful to be a part of this great community. It's been spreading like a wildfire because of you. Whenever you're out for drinks, at a BBQ or at work, it's your stories you tell your friends and co-workers that gets them in here. So thank you for 3 years of spreading the word and looking forward to the future."Anniversary WOD"Run 200m forward50 Medicine ball cleans40 Wall balls30 Dumbbell swings20 Box jumps10 DipsRun 400m backwardsCompare to July 10/10Some old school video footage. You can see some of the original members that are still with us today.[youtube=]

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