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August 1, 2017

Hero Month

*Bring a Friend Day tomorrow*“All it takes is all you got”AMRAP in 29 min7 HSPU11 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20")10 Thrusters (115/85#)400m RunI had a post already typed up about Christopher Antonik. All about when he graduated, when he enrolled in the military, and what happened in Afghanistan. And then I deleted it.Many of you know that Joanna and I have been participating in Goruck events. During a few of these events, we've been fortunate enough to meet a special Cadre - Dustin. And while we knew guys like him went through some messed up shit, we didn't understand. We didn't understand what it was like to come home and try to be normal again. We didn't understand what it was like to have one of your best friends taken away in an instant. We didn't understand the daily struggle.Becoming friends with Dustin and listening to his stories has opened our eyes. At the Veterans Day Light in Boston last year, at the end of the event when he presented me with my patch, I told him "I get it now". My view on veterans has been forever changed.So this workout is for Dustin's friend. Chris gave the ultimate sacrifice. When you're doing this workout today, and you feel like quitting, just remember “All it takes is all you got”.Keep this in mind when you're sweating through any of the Hero WODs this month. The workouts may be tough, but you don't HAVE to do them - you GET to.CLICK HERE to read Christoper's story.Better yet, watch the video that Dustin sent us last night.[vimeo=]

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