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June 1, 2010

Home Sweet Home

It's good to be home!First, the thank you's! Huge thanks to everyone who contributed financially. Sonia and I appreciated it to no end. It really shows how much of a supportive community CrossFit Moncton has. I'm still in shock.Big thanks to all of you who made comments on the site or Facebook. We read every single one of them. Some even brought tears to our eyes. You have no idea how much it helped us. Your words of encouragement carried us through the toughest parts of the workouts when we felt like giving up.The last day of workouts were brutal. The double under/burpee wod was short, but you quickly lost your breath from the altitude. I mentioned it before, but the elevation played a huge part over the course of the weekend. My goal for that workout was under 5min and I snagged it at 4:56.The final workout looked fun on paper, but it quickly became not fun. The tire flips were great, and jumping through them added a different element. The clean and jerks were much harder than expected, especially the last round of 12. And running felt impossible. After the flips, jumping and cleans & jerks, your legs didn't want to move quickly - they wanted to stay perfectly still. When watching the first heats, I wondered why they were going so slow. After my first lap, I knew exactly why. Anyway, I wanted under 15min and managed to get 13:59. It was a hard workout, but probably my favorite of the weekend.I'm extremely grateful for having been able to compete at the national level. It was an experience I will never forget. Being able to see the next level of fitness and training will only help to push me further. It was very humbling, but I know what I need to do to take it up a notch.The rest is going to be a bunch of random thoughts I jotted down over the weekend. Please excuse the erratic musings.Sonia is one of the fittest women in the Maritimes. I am thrilled, proud and honored to be her coach. The only way she got to her current level was through commitment, dedication and discipline. She treats her training like a job - something she shouldn't miss. And because of her adherence to her training program and nutrition, she was able to compete at Regionals. It was unreal to be able to see her push herself to a new extreme.Don't think you could ever get to that level? Bullshit! We watched Patsy, Rheja and Ian, all over the age of 50, compete in the Masters Division, with Patsy qualifying for the Worlds!! Anybody, any age, any where can do it. But you have to have the will, determination and drive to want it.Ok, that rant is over. Next, I was able to see the results of the some of the best coaches in the world. They hold their athletes to strict guidelines and do not allow room for sloppiness. Standards are set extremely high for their clients and they are relentless in upholding them. Jason from CrossFit Fredericton was unable to complete a workout within the time cap, but his coaches encouraged him to finish the workout on the side, even though the clock had stopped. Talk about an inspiration! Members of CrossFit Moncton...buckle up!Also, starting tomorrow, all debts (med ball runs, burpees for the 'C' word, etc) are due before the warm-up begins, rain or shine. This will apply to any debts that are accumulated from here on.For those that have been members for a while, you may have noticed that the programming for the last month was a little different, and more challenging. New moves and new styles of workouts. Expect more of that. June will be juicy!You pay of a lot of money for quality coaching, and that is what you will receive. I'm going to place you in uncomfortable situations, and you will persevere...everyone does. I will give you everything I have if you promise to do the same for me. Treat your training with discipline and you will reap the rewards. Never give up, leave everything on the line, and like magic, life gets easier.WOD - 4th workout from the Regionals4 rounds for time of:35 Wall balls20 Pullups(15min time cap)

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