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June 27, 2012

Hot, Humid and Chalky Hands

The weather is hot and the air is sticky. Whether you're doing pullups, deadlifts or kettlebell swings, you're hands are a sweaty mess. The logical thing to do would be to bath your hands in chalk to soak up the sweat. BUT, that doesn't work. All that does is makes a pasty mess. So what should you do?Bring a towel. If your hands are wet, dry them off with a towel first. Then use some chalk, conservatively. Too much wet chalk is gooey and too much dry chalk is a recipe for ripped hands.Take a look at the video below for the proper way to use chalk.Hope it helps with getting more pullups, deadlifts and kettlebell swings!150 Kettlebell SwingsCompare to Nov.10/11[vimeo=]

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