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March 29, 2016

Intramural Open winners

The Open Intramural results are in. And what a crazy 5 weeks it’s been. I loved seeing teams come together and bring the spirit of the Open alive.For 16.5: Top women - Cara, Lynne, Breanna Top Men - Cody, Kevin, Shane Team Cheer - Wodding CrashersAnd the final totals…Wod Now, Wine Later - 117 More Reps, More Gojis - 143 Wodding Crashers - 164 And the winners of the first Intramural Open…. Gym Class Heroes - 179 points!!Even though they were a team of rookies, they brought the competition to a whole new level. Congrats to the team members of Gym Class Heroes! You’ve won a team BBQ (once the snow melts) courtesy of CrossFit Moncton.Deadlifts - 5RM Test (20 minutes)5 roundsRun wall to wall x1020 Lunges30 sec Rest

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