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CrossFit Moncton


June 5, 2017


Counting calories. Weighing and measuring. Restricting. Cleanses.You've done it all. And it worked, but it didn't stick.Enter CrossFit Moncton's Intro 2 Nutrition. It's a 4 week program that will give you a glimpse into the habit-based program that CrossFit Moncton has been using for close to a year.Check out the poster below for all the details. We're only taking the first 30 (members and non-members). If you want in, register here. Start date is June 12th. EMOM for 12 minMin 1: 10 PistolsMin 2: 10 BurpeesRest 5 minEMOM for 12 minMin 1: 15 Russian KBS (70/53#)Min 2: 30 sec Wall Sit

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