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August 11, 2011

Lesson to be learned

"Tabata Row"For 20 seconds, row as hard and as fast as you can.Rest for 10 seconds.Complete this cycle for 8 rounds.Your score is your total calories.Compare to Dec.7/10Below is a picture of Pat Sherwood, one of the top CrossFit trainers around. He's been the lead instructor at 4 of my 5 Level 1 Certs and is a fountain of knowledge. However, even the best make mistakes sometimes. Here's his description of what happened.

This is what happens when you get stuck at the bottom of a 405lbs high bar back squat and try to ditch and jump out of the way of the bar. But it does not go as planned and the weight crashes and rolls down your spine. Not smart.

Lesson to be learned here - Ask for a spot!

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