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June 17, 2011

Let's talk pullups

I get it. The kipping pullup looks cool. Not only that, but it's way faster than regular pullups. And you'd do anything to be able to get one.Let me be your reality check. Are you off the bands? Can you perform a strict pullup? If not, then you may not have the required shoulder strength to perform the kip. Robb Wolf talks about some prerequisites 40sec into this video. Once the strength is acquired, Robb does an outstanding job explaining the kipping pullup and how to perform it.Some of you have been with us for a while and your shoulders are capable of handling that load. Your kipping pullup may look beautiful. Do you still work on strict? How about L-pullups? Ring pullups? Chest to bar pullups? Variety is important.So now what? Get strict. Do pullups with no kip at all. It may mean going back a band size. Work on negatives (only 1 set). Practice hollow rocks to develop the core strength. Increase your flexibility (video one, two and three).Hope that helps!50 Mountain Climbers21 Kettlebell Swings50 Mountain Climbers15 Kettlebell Swings50 Mountain Climbers9 Kettlebell SwingsIt's Hopper time![caption id="attachment_4953" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="It's Friday...time to go to the bar"]


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