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May 22, 2017

Lifting Percentages

Open Gym today from 10am-12pm. Open to all members!Why are they important?The coaching staff at CrossFit Moncton often relies on percentages when programming our workouts. These percentages based off your max lift numbers give us a good idea of what to expect from our training sessions and workouts. We always urge you to follow them strictly when you are confident your lifting numbers have been properly tested, but some of you might not be aware why these numbers are important to your training and progress.For strength sets:Hard truth: pushing for max reps and loads during every single session is not an efficient way to get stronger in the long run. Powerlifters do not train this way, CrossFitters certainly shouldn’t either. Reps and percentages used during strength sessions will slowly bump up from week to week to make you stronger in the long run and prevent plateaus from occurring. Don’t go heavier just because “you can” or “I wanna get more work in”, stop feeding your ego.For WODs:The CrossFit methodology is based on the principles of mechanics, consistency and intensity and that order is very specific. We put approximate percentages for lifting during workouts to elicit a specific response in training. By going very light on heavy workouts you probably are keeping good mechanics and consistency but removing some of the intensity provided by the load. On the other hand going heavier on light workouts (which typically have a higher rep count) often results in consistency and mechanics breaking down, which will affect your intensity as well. The right intensity brings the right results. Every workout is different, has a purpose in our programming and is there for a reason. Follow the lifting percentages on the board, trust us, you are in good hands.As always discuss with the class coach if you are injured or uncertain about some of your numbers but generally you should follow the lifting percentages on the board. Trust us, you are in good hands.Hannah

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