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October 27, 2013

Lots of info

First off, congrats to all the Paleo Challengers. You made it through 6 weeks of healthy eating and other good habits. We will need your journals asap (with benchmarks and points filled in). Winners will be announced at a later date. Now, just because the challenge is over, doesn't mean it's really over. The goal of the challenge is to get you started. It's up to you to continue with it. If you need help or advice, just ask. We are here to give you all the support you need.Sign up for the Halloween party on the whiteboard at the gym. It's next Saturday, Nov.2.Best of luck to all the participants in Legs for Literacy! Show them what CrossFit Moncton can do!Still a few spots for the next Prep Course (Nov.12-Dec.12). Tell your friends it's $50 to hold a spot.Parking at the new gym - I've drawn a map (see below). Basically, we can park in the back and on the east side of Loftus (coming UP from Baig). Also, please use the front door as the entrance.I think those are all of the words I have for now. Can't wait to see you all tomorrow!!

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