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December 8, 2013

Melissa's Story

Back in early-mid 2010, a friend and I decided to brave a drop-in session at CrossFit Moncton. I emailed Kevin, set up the Saturday morning and we showed up all ready to go. Kevin and Pierre led us through a warm-up (what...that’s only the warm-up??), a 500m row (is it over? I think I’m dying…) and then prepped us for the WOD (OMG, there’s more??). The WOD was an AMRAP 10 minutes of 5 push-ups, 10 sit-ups and 15 squats. I got about half-way through and had to stop. I couldn’t finish. I was disappointed, embarrassed, and convinced that I wasn’t in good enough shape to do CrossFit. I was sore for days.

In the meantime, I had a gym membership that I didn’t really use. I started running on my own, which I enjoyed, so I signed up for a 10K clinic at the running room, which I couldn’t finish due to shin splints. Then winter hit and I stopped running and working out.

Fast forward to August 2012. A friend and I decided to start walking in the mornings to get back in shape. We ramped it up and started to do the Couch to 5K app I downloaded and ran the 5K Legs for Literacy in October. The cold was coming, so she started to bug me about joining CrossFit with her. After my first experience, I wasn’t convinced it was for me, but she didn’t back down (I’m so glad…), so I signed up to do the fundamentals with her at the end of October. I decided I would give it the ol’ college try for a month and signed up for a twice a week membership. By the end of the first month I was up to 3 times per week, and by March I was up to an unlimited membership and competing in the CrossFit Open.

I love everything about our box. Everyone is so nice and welcoming. I’m making such huge improvements in everything….getting my first toes-to-bar the day before doing them in the Open, my first unassisted pull-up this summer, handstand push-ups, not to mention the weight PRs since joining (I can deadlift my body weight…how cool is that?). I’ve always been a competitive person, so that helps push me in every workout. I have made some great friends and enjoy seeing them and cheering them on during a WOD or having them cheer me on. I’ve become one of ‘those people’ who has drunk the “kool-aid” and talks about CrossFit a lot. I trust the coaches so much, and look forward to working with them and learning new things when I go. I still have lots of things I can’t do yet, but the daily/weekly PRs and accomplishments keep me coming back for more.

If only I could go back and tell 2010 Melissa to join.

AMRAP in 12 min10 Floor Press5 Strict ChinupsCompare to Sept.13/12.[caption id="attachment_12702" align="alignnone" width="200"]


Melissa - skeptic to addict[/caption]

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