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CrossFit Moncton


March 14, 2021


Tuesday is my favorite.I wake up excited, because I get to start my day answering questions.Then I get to watch videos on MasterClass.Then I get to have an amazing breakfast.Then I get to drive my truck while I listen to a French lesson.Then I get to exercise with my friends.Then I get to talk with my CSM about the future of CrossFit Moncton.Then I get to coach an amazing group of athletes. Then I get to go home, hang out with my kid, talk to my wife and finish up a few things before bed.I used to hate Tuesdays.I used to have to get up early so I could answer all my emails.I used to have to keep up to date on all my continuing education credits.I used to have to spend time preparing eggs when I really didn't feel like it.I used to have to rush to the gym.I used to have to make time to exercise.I used to have to finish all my meetings before I could get anything done.I used to have to coach most of the classes, all day. I used to have to finish my chores before I could go to bed.What changed? One thing: my mindset.It's simple, but not easy. It takes practice. You have to do it alone. But you have to do it.Nothing in your life will change until you change first.If you're ready to change your life, start with one word.

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