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March 31, 2013

New kicks?

NOTE: Monday is Change for Change. Bring $5 to switch up your workout. If you were one of the 30+ people that bought some new minimalist shoes, this post is for you.With running 'season' fast approaching, be cautious with your new kicks. Because there is basically a thin piece of rubber between you and the road, there is no cushioning to absorb shitty heel-striking. You're going to want to adopt a method of running called Pose. Check out the quick explanation video below. There are a ton of other videos on YouTube. Search for anything with Dr.Romanov or Brian MacKenzie.Some tips to keep in mind...

  • Build up gradually - start by only running 2-3 minutes per day in them. Add a few minutes each week. DO NOT start by running a 5k. You will be crippled.
  • Stretch more - you'll need to stretch out your calves a lot more. Check the stretching section of this site, foam roll or try the stick.
  • Practice - try running barefoot on a grassy field (free of debris) or a track. It will force you to run properly and hopefully transfer over to when you're wearing shoes.

Hopefully this helps. If you have any questions, let me know."Diane"21-15-9 reps of:Deadlifts (225/155# or 65%)Handstand PushupsCompare to Nov.9/12.[youtube=]

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