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July 2, 2015

New schedule starts today

Our new schedule and classes will be rolling out today. The most notable change will be to the Open Gym structure. As was outlined in our announcement, there will be a coach on hand to answer quick questions, but no formal structure will be provided. Obviously if we see a major issue or safety concern, we will address it. Think of this as somewhat of a 'normal' gym membership but with kick ass equipment and resources.Here are the three services we offer and how they differ: Personal Training - individualized attention on movements/conditioning CrossFit Classes - group training with some personal coaching Open Gym - all access to equipment with no coachingThere are options for every member. If you want CrossFit classes, you can get it. If you want personalized training/programming, we have that too. If you want a chance to do a partner wod with a buddy or practice skipping or work on mobility, Open Gym is available.More great's Ladies Month!! July is loaded with tons of the CrossFit Benchmarks you love to hate. And what better way to start it off.'Eva'Five rounds for time of:Run 800 meters30 Kettlebell swings (70/53#)30 Pull-upsCompare to July 13/14*45 min cap (may not continue next round if you haven’t left for the run at 36 min)This one is no joke. It takes a lot of physical and even more mental strength to finish this one. Many people score 3 rounds, so scale accordingly.Three new additions to the 500 club - Kevin, Heather and Jason. Who will be next?

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