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CrossFit Moncton


December 31, 2015

New Years Eve

Last workout of 2015!With a partner, split up the reps any way:*Weight is 96/65# or around 60% of PP31 reps of Box jump 24/20″ [January]28 reps of Deadlift at 95/65# [February]31 reps of Burpee [March]30 reps of Lunges [April]31 reps of Push press at 95/65# [May]30 reps of Pull-up (scale – jumping) [June]31 reps of Power clean at 95/65# [July]31 reps of Sit-up [August]30 reps of Back squat at 95/65# [September]31 reps of HR Push-up [October]30 reps of Double under [November]31 reps of Thruster at 95/65# [December]365 reps, 1 for every day in 2015Compare to Dec.31/14An appropriate picture for today – the many PRs from December. A great display of all the handwork and dedication that goes on inside the walls of CrossFit Moncton. Happy New Year and here’s to another excellent year at the gym!

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