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February 21, 2021


We have a new clothing order! This time we are offering beautiful long-sleeve tri-blend tees. They are super soft and we have obtained samples for members to try on the sizes before deciding what to buy. A table is set up in the warm up roomThese are men's tees, but the sizing goes from XS to XXL, so hopefully an option for everyone. Order will be open until Feb.26th. Please let me know if you have any questions!Here is the order form: may have heard by now that the CrossFit Games “Open” is set to start March 11 and runs for three weekly wods ending on March 29. We’ve had loads of questions about how people can participate, so here’s the rundown:There are TWO WAYS to participate:1) Register online for this worldwide event!There are different age groups and this year, divisions based on people working out in the gym or at home. There is even a no-equipment version if you are at home.Each week a workout is typically announced on Thursday night and our Friday classes will be doing the workout. You submit your results online and experience the fun of seeing how you stack up against other people across the’s cool!There’s tons of info and even a little step-by-step of how to participate and register here:https://games.crossfit.com2) Sign up for our “Intramural Open”, CFM’s own fun version!Those who sign up will be divided up into teams headed up by our own trainers. Each week, the Friday classes (and at-home wods) will be your chance to earn big points for your team! A winning team will be announced on the last weekend of the event! (Stay tuned for what the winning team gets!!)Points are awarded for just showing up to do the workout, no matter what your result, so if you normally attend Friday classes, signing up for this is a no-brainer. There will also be points awarded for fun challenges along the way! This is a great opportunity to get involved and connect with other members and trainers - and it’s always SUPER FUN!We are really looking forward to a fun few weeks to spice up the winter and make Fridays something to look forward to. Plus, a little team spirit just might give us a little boost heading into spring!Please sign up by next Friday, Feb 26 using the link below. Teams will be announced shortly after, and the friendly chirping shall begin!! Then, stay tuned here on the members page for how to earn your team points.I’m pretty excited! I really hope everyone signs up. Come on! Do it!!! And if you have questions, hit me up.

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