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May 26, 2013

Next Sunday

Important Announcement!Because the Dragon Boat event was cancelled this year, we're going to host our own rowing event. Next Sunday, June 2nd, at 1pm, we will have a team rowing relay race (that's a mouthful). All participants will be randomly assigned to a team. Three teams at a time will square off and be ranked throughout the day. The top 3 ranked teams will have a final event at the end of the afternoon.There is no charge to participate. And anyone can join (you didn't have to be on the Dragon Boat team). This is going to be an awesome afternoon, so sign up on the whiteboard asap!"Odd WOD"Row 600m40 Front Squats (50% of max)Compare to Sept.20/11.[caption id="attachment_9532" align="alignnone" width="199"]

High quality coaching at CrossFit Moncton

High quality coaching at CrossFit Moncton[/caption]

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