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December 4, 2015

Nine freakin' years!

It's almost hard to believe, but it's been 9 years since my first CrossFit workout. And the reason I started doing it is different than today. I thought it was fun (which it is) and I wanted other people to have fun with it.But I've received a few emails/notes lately that remind me why I continue to CrossFit and provide a facility to spread the CF love. Here is one of the messages:"I wanted to extend my thanks to you and the coaching team for all your help and support over this past 7 months. The doctor took me off my diabetes pills today as my blood work is now lower than the norm. Also reduced my blood pressure pills to half and on the way to none! Thanks for helping me with my life change."That is unfreaking believable! And it validates why I love training people and helping them improve their quality of life. Sure, PRs are great. And getting a muscle-up is a badge of honour. But fending off the nursing home is the real prize. Being able to live a long and active life is what I want, for myself and others.So join me in my CrossFit adventure. Bring your friends and family and help them see the greener grass (you know, the lawn that you'll be mowing into your senior years because you CAN).Friday's QOD - Has CrossFit changed your life in a meaningful way?For time:50 Box jump, 24/20″50 Jumping pull-ups (forearm level)50 Kettlebell swings, 1 poodWalking Lunge, 50 steps50 Knees to elbows50 Push press, 45 pounds50 Good Mornings, 45 pounds50 Wall ball shots, 20/14 pound ball @ 10′50 Burpees50 Double undersCompare to May 16/15Below is a video from 2008. I had been doing CrossFit for a few months and skipping was my nemesis (among many other things). 39 double unders took everything I had. Now, my PR is 257. Consistent practice (and many swears) got me to where I am today. And with the great coaching you receive at CFM, your progress will flourish for many years to come.[vimeo=]

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