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July 10, 2012

No mirrors, only mirroring

I learned something new yesterday. There's something called the Mirror Neuron Hypothesis and how it relates to learning new skills. As a simple example, what happens when you smile and wave to an infant? They mirror it.This theory can be useful to you, the average CrossFitter. If you want to get better at Push Jerks, instead of me telling you what it should look like, it would be better for me to show you one. You could also watch a video of a push jerk, which will help you perform the move better. It's basically learning through imitation.For the new CrossFitter, if you ask me what a Squat Clean looks like, I may show you myself. Or, I may have someone else demonstrate the move. Through experience, I've figured that showing it is much more effective than telling. Now I know there's a name for it.If you need help remembering a movement, YouTube is a thing. And as a reminder, we also have our Exercise Demo page with example of all the movements.*Note - don't use YouTube to look up bar hopping, because it won't be what you do in today's workout.100 Hang Power Cleans (75/55#)20 HSPU100 Bar HopsThe Oly Class getting some demos on the clean

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