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October 24, 2011

Post Marathon Update

Can you run a marathon using only CrossFit training? Yes you can. Can you do it in a fast time? Absolutely not!I ran my first (and only) marathon yesterday with a time of 4:34.39. My goal was under 4h, but my body wouldn’t allow it. I passed the 1/2 at 1:56ish. At that point, my goal switched to just finishing the 42+ kilometers. (also note that in the 2 months leading up to the event, I ran a total of 6.6km)Some of the pain included numb feet, cramps in hamstrings, calves and hips. Sore knees. And now I’m limping around like a zombie, including the moaning.Some things I learned on my journey:1. It doesn’t matter what anyone looks like or how old they are - someone is going to be faster than you. It just chewed into my ego a bit when a 70 year old man passed me like I was standing still. He told me this was his 217th marathon. Absolutely insane!2. The running community has more similarities to CrossFitters than differences. They are addicted to running (almost more) than we are to CrossFit. And they try to suck others into it too. I don’t understand why people would WANT to run a marathon. They don’t understand why anyone would want to do CrossFit (cause it’s crazy). But you know the really awesome part? Their support. I was blown away by it! There were so many volunteers out on the course, either clapping, cheering, whistling or ringing bells. The motivating words “Keep going! You’re doing great” flooded the trail. And the craziest thing... a guy I went to high school with ran the 1/2 marathon, drove around with his wife Lindsay, found me, and ran by my side for 10km!!! I have no words to describe that. It was a gift that I cannot repay. That act of kindness is something that will stick with me for a very long time. Jeff LeBlanc - THANK YOU!3. CrossFit may prepare you for the unknown, but a marathon is not one of them. It did, however, give me the mental strength to continue. I had many conversations with myself during the run. A voice in my head pleaded with me to turn around at the 1/2 way point. But I continued. After the 25km mark, all I wanted to do was walk because the pain was so bad. But I continued. I even considered calling someone to pick me up when my legs cramped up. But I continued. And I owe that to CrossFit.We had a great turnout of members running in the Legs for Literacy. Congrats to all of you who stepped out of your comfort zone. And I speak for the runners when I say thank you to all who came out to cheer and support our CrossFit family. It definitely helped!**For those that don’t know, I challenged Jason F. from CrossFit Fredericton to the marathon. Without hesitation, he signed up, and also did nothing to train for it other than CF. He finished only 37 seconds behind me, which is a huge accomplishment! Congrats Jason! Can’t wait to see what the next challenge with be.WOD - 5 rounds of:35 Double Unders200m Run"Needed a crutch to stay standing"

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