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April 3, 2013

Sunday's rant on a Wednesday

Why do you take your car to a mechanic? It might need service or something is broken that needs fixed. You pay them for a service that you were unable to do on your own. Some people have either the knowledge of experience and can service their own cars. And that's awesome. They can save money and still have a healthy car.One thing you would not do is take your car to a mechanic and then proceed to tell them what to do. Or drive your car in and start fixing it yourself. Or even worse, start fixing someone else's car! That would be ludicrous. Think about it how insane that would be. You take your car to get serviced by a professional, and then have some dude who has only ever put air in a tire, working on your transmission.Now, I want you to re-read what was written, and change 'car' to 'your body' and 'mechanic' to 'CrossFit Trainer'.Our trainers have passed the CrossFit Level 1 seminar, attended other certification course, and underwent a rigorous evaluation process to become trainers at CrossFit Moncton. They understand the progressions and corrections needed to help people move safely. They know what dose of intensity each member needs. They know how to modify workouts based on abilities or injuries.So please don't ask your friend/spouse/stranger for advice. Ask one of our friendly trainers. We are more than happy to help.And to those who are dishing out the advice...please, let the coaches coach. If someone asks you, just wave a coach over to give a hand. We may have given that person corrections before and we don't want to overwhelm them with other non-essential cues. We want you to cheer, holler and motivate, but leave the coaching to the trainers.Thank you."Tabata Rowing"For 20 seconds, row as hard and as fast as you can.Rest for 10 seconds.Complete this cycle for 8 rounds.Your score is your total calories.Compare to Aug.11/11[youtube=]

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